About the OEG Spotlight

Do you have an open education project, publication, event, etc that you want to share widely? Or do you know of some other related work that deserves more attention? Place it here in the OEG Spotlight so we can give it even more exposure.

These are items we might feature on the OE Global web site front page and outwardly via our other media channels.

We at OEGlobal would like to know more about it (as would others here). Please include an image or picture, a brief description including what organization/institution is involved, a geographic location, a web link, and anything else you’d like to share about it.

How? It’s easy. Just return to the main Spotlight area, click New Topic, and just share everything we should know.

And as you are reading the other spotlighted items use the Like button :heart: to indicate ones you are really impressed by.

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Is this thread still active?

Of course, all threads are active! I’m here Ajita.

I bet you have much to share :wink:

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Yes. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :see_no_evil: I will soon complete one year of my podcasts! So, I am coming up with another category of the podcasts- after doing stories of science (which I will of course continue!) It would be great if the existing podcasts could be spot lighted and shared amongst educators and students.

I also wanted some guidance regarding publishing something more- like the ones I published during the OEWeek2021.

This can be done but you get to spotlight yourself! Just create a new topic in this area describing your podcasts, link to them or examples, include images, etc. We keep an eye there for new ones we can put on the front page of http://oeglobal.org/

Just post somewhere within the OEG Plaza area and ask for help, this is how we hope this space gets used.

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Thanks! Will do it! Hoping this platform to be an opportunity for more and more fruitful collabs!