About the Open Policy Award

Within the group of “Open Practices” categories, the Open Policy Award recognizes:

Creation, adoption and implementation of an open policy, legislation or mandate. A policy with a clear impact of public investment in the development of open knowledge through the efficient use and reuse of resources for the public good.

The award for Open Policy has been give out since 2018, including:

  • Dispositivos tecnológicos para el estudiantado de la UNED (Technological Devices for UNED’s students) (2020) is a joint effort between the Fab Lab Kä Träre and the Student Affairs Division at Universidad Estatal a Distancia in Costa Rica. This project was designed to provide the low-income population with devices, including open technology platforms, that would support student learning. See the announcement of this award at the 2020 OEG Conference

  • Iniciativa Educação Aberta (Open Education Initiative) (2019) recognized the cooperative work of the UNESCO Chair in Distance Education and Educadigital Institute to advance open education policies and practices in Brazil.

  • Impact for a Better Society (2018) is the motto for Delft University of Technology’s Strategic Framework 2018-2024. “In the coming years we will continue to seek out a balance between top academic performance on the one hand and the expectations of society on us as a provider of top-quality education and expert solutions for social problems on the other. In the past we have more than shown that social impact and top academic performance can go hand in hand, and we wish to continue in this line in the coming years” (quote from Rector Magnificus/President of the Board, Professor Tim van der Hagen in TU Delft news story)

Do these examples give you ideas for Open Policies that should be nominated for a 2021 award? Reply below!