Advancing Digital Literacy Education at Hokkaido University

Hello everyone! I am Katsusuke Shigeta from Hokkaido University, a current OEG board member.

I’m excited to share some updates about the digital literacy education initiatives we’ve been working on at Hokkaido University. Our goal is to equip students with the digital skills they need in today’s world, and we have some great news to share!

1. Development of Digital Literacy OER: We’ve teamed up with Adobe to create Open Educational Resources (OER) for teaching digital literacy in higher education. These resources are based on the competencies outlined in UNESCO’s Digital Literacy Global Framework (DLGF). You can find these OER materials in Japanese and English, and they’refreely accessible to everyone. They’re also available through the Adobe Education Exchange.

2. Utilization in Classes: We’ve used these OER materials in our digital literacy courses for first-year students through flipped classrooms. The feedback from students has been amazing—they love the wide range of topics covered in the pre-class materials and the high quality of the content. We’ve also shared our successes at OpenEd conference.

3. Digital Literacy Education Using Adobe Express: Since digital literacy education often involves a lot of hands-on learning, students need to use common tools to bridge the digital divide. At Hokkaido University, we’re using Adobe Express across all levels of study and even in extracurricular activities. We’re currently considering to extend our existing enterprise-wide license agreement (ETLA) with Adobe, and we hope to become an Adobe Creative Campus in the future, collaborating with other educational institutions worldwide.

We’re thrilled about these developments and eagerly look forward to sharing more updates with you. As we continue to push the boundaries in digital literacy education, we invite you to stay tuned for more exciting news!


Many thanks for sharing this resource, Katsu, and notable that it is available in both Japanese and English. The presentation mentioned this introduction to digital literacy is used in a first year class, is this a general course for a wide range iof students or within a program?

I appreciated the element of units opening with an introductory activity where it looks like students are asked to do something that represents their starting awareness of the topic and then it is repeated at the end. I would think you see many interesting trends and insights in that collected data. And the modules have a nice mix of information content and direct tasks to do.

Do you have any general sense if students who enter university already immersed in media exposure through popular culture, social media, and secondary school, consider themselves already “digitally literate”? That’s a very general question, I realize.

Lastly, I wonder how the impact of generative ai media tools is going to factor into how we think of digital literacy. Somedays I wonder at my own literacy!

Many thanks again for sharing this project.

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Thanks @Downes for the highlighing of the Digital Literacy OER in OLDaily.


@Katsu This is amazing!!
Can we have a chat sometime?
I’d love to see about getting your modules aligned and into our Digital Skills Library. The Digital Skills Library was curated and compiled by educators in a U.S. federally funded initiative called Digital Resilience in the American Workforce. We also have partnered with Adobe on some projects and are looking at applying our teacher service learning model the EdTech Maker Space to train teachers in the use of some of their new and free tools.

Anyway, seems like we have two things in common: digital literacy OER initiatives and work with Adobe. I would love to connect and see how we can share and augment each other’s work!

(Side note: I’m not able to open the English versions of the courses or the glossary as of last night 7/8 5:30 pm Eastern US)