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Like the OE Global 2020 conference, our venue is one where every part of the conference is a potential conversation. Conference attendees can respond to anything with a reply and in many places, they can create new topics.

Here is one space where we would love you to say hello perhaps in the way people in your part of the world greet each other. Let us know where you are from, what your interests are in terms of Open Education and the OER Recommendation, as well as what you hope to get out of or contribute to the conference.

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Hello OEGlobal 2021! So excited to see you all next week. My name is Lena. I am situated in Toronto, Canada, on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation ( on the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario.

The OEGlobal conference structure is based on the UNESCO OER Recommendation and I am particularly looking forward to the conversations around developing supportive policy. As someone who has worked in government and quasi-governmental organizations I know how substantial and impactful a strong policy decision can be. The UNESCO recommendation is the first step in that ripple effect - now it’s up to us to make it happen!

See you all soon!


Hola, feliz de participar, mi nombre Ageleo Justiniano Tucto, estoy en la Región Huánuco, Perú, América del Sur. Cuna del Imperio Incaico, constructor de Machu Picchu.

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Hello, I am Adeline Bossu. :space_invader:
I am so happy to be here! This platform is amazing! :star_struck:
Our team PhDOOC is proposing an interactive asynchronous activity where you can help us to improve the way we are inviting MOOC participants to create learning groups!
You are welcome! See you there!


Una welcome, how una dey? This is common West African, pidgin English of welcome and how are you people. I am Esther Ojeah, a Trustee of African Prisons Educational Network, full time, Deputy Controller (Director) with Nigerian Correctonal Service with seconded works as Correctional Adviser, UN peacekeeping Mission in Chad(2009-2010), UN Peacekeeping Mission in Liberia(2016-2017). In 2018 I lead my Nigerian Correctonal Service to emerged among winners of Unesco literacy Prize, presenting a concept: National Open University centres in Nigerian Prisons and inmates General Education programs. That’s why I remain interested,committed to Open Education as, particularly for Prisoners to have University Education the open Education for teaching, exams, learning materials is inevitable and impactful. Likewise for Nurseries or Preschools ( for Prisons which encourages nursing female inmates with babies)Primaries, secondary, Literacy or TVET open Education resources are necessary. Also to ensure UNSDG4, UNSDG5 of Education for All before 2030 Agenda. Looking forward to impactful conference and relationship thereafter.


Hello, my name is Eseta and I’m joining the conference from Yuggera, Jagera and Ugarapul country, also known as Springfield here in sunny Queensland, Australia. I’m interested in open assessment practices, specifically in relation to OER recommendation Objective 1 “building capacity of stakeholders to create, access, re-use, adapt and redistribute OER”. My colleague, Dr Mais Fatayer, and I are presenting an asynchronous interactive activity that explains her Open Educational Resource development model. Educators can use this model to develop OER with students for other students to use, or to create OER for professionals and the broader public. I’m looking forward to learning more from everyone about open pedagogy and open assessment.

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@afripisonseducation Your work sounds fascinating. I look forward to hearing more about it.

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@PhDOOC Hello Adeline, I’ve read your work and will definitely check out your activity as I’ve been thinking for some time about how to bring my distance PhD students together. Enjoy the conference!


Thanks Eseta. I also look forward to meet with you during the conference. Hopefully,I will share much onsite on Education in our African Prisons…


hi there!
I’m Jon from Darwin in Australia & I’ve been very interested in the evolving ‘open agenda’ for many years … long before OER started getting attention. I think that the history of the Internet’s open architecture is really important as are the various attitudes associated with openness in education that go way back. I’m participating in this event in a few places … one real-time (with Christian Stracke & colleagues) & another asynchronous event with my PhD student Faisal Bin Badar DOORS project
Faisal has some insight into how open practices can assist the millions of out-of-school children get some kind of quality educational experience.


I am Nkem Osuigwe. I work for African Library and Information Associations and Institutions (AfLIA) with headquarters in Accra, Ghana. I am a librarian. I am a Nigerian.
I am a newbie in Open Education practice but I am a quick learner. My organization is working with OER Africa for creation of courses on OER. We are also doing a course on Open Licensing with Neil Butcher and Associates. Glad to be here!


Hello All, I Anil from Kerala, India. I am running an Open Education Project- Project SMART! It is great to be here with amazing people who are passionate about education. Do connect with me. Thank you all.


Hello Lena. Greetings!!. I look forward to an exciting conference

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Καλημέρα, Guten Morgen, Good morning, Chrissi here living in the UK, born in Germany but Greek :wink: Looking forward to meeting you during the conference. I am an academic developer at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. I live in a small town 35 mins by train from Manchester, in the Peak district.

This is Glossop where I live. Today it is really grey and wet, very wet. I am here at OEGlobal21 for the sunshine.

Through my work I have been connecting people and ideas to help us all grow.

See you soon.



Hello, Paul! It is good to see you two times. The first time in Bangkok in 2019 summer as a panelist representing ICDE, face-to-face, and this time virtually. I am Xiangyang Zhang, now working as Director of Research Institute for Open Education, Suqian University, China, and ICDE Ambassador for Open Educational Resources. It is a fantastic experience to be in the Open Edcuation Community via the OEGLOBAL CONNECT. Our ICDE OER Advocacy Committee will present thi

s kickoff Monday session by our Chair Ebba Ossianilsson.


What a beautiful view! I lived in Sheffield for 7 years so this photo is bringing back good memories for me!


Hello everyone, I am Idowu Diyaolu from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. I am based in Ile-Ife. Open Education, use of assistive/adaptive technology for persons with special needs and sustainability in work based learning are my areas of interest. Many thanks


Hello! I’m Mariana Porta, from Uruguay! I work at our public university, UDELAR. I’m excited to participate in this event for the first time! I’m interested in learning communities and communities of practice as the greatest environment for educational improvement and educational innovation. Hope to learn a lot! See you all around!

Greetings OEG Community! My name is Lindsay Woodside and I work as Acting Director, Programs and Services at eCampusOntario. I am so excited to be attending my 2nd OE Global conference. I am also delighted to be joining forces with my eCampusOntario colleagues @rkabademanin @EmmaGooch @sjanjicek, Don Eldridge and Stephen Wilfeard as we participate in this conference!

Hello OEG. I’m Paul Bond, a librarian at a community college in central New York and a ringleader in the ds106 community. I’m interested in the intersections among open education and information literacy, as well as whatever other fun stuff people have to share at this conference.

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