Ask and Offer Resources

What are your recommended, key EDI resources? They can be books, articles, web sites, videos, podcasts, or anything else of value. Share what you share!

Also, if you are seeking a resource or help in an area, again, use this space to post your need.

A great collection of resources shared in twitter by Tara Robertson (a worthy follow if you do not already)


A professor was kind enough to share her Critical Race Theory Syllabus on Twitter the other day
Syllabus-for-CRT-USC-Spring-2016.pdf (169.7 KB)

Possibly of interest, a series of webinars on D&I in online education from European educational consortium - Webinar Week: Diversity and Inclusion in Online Education:

Open and distance teaching universities have a dedicated task in organising education for disadvantaged groups of students by offering them easily accessible learning paths. They are inclusive, innovative and responsive, promoting social justice and equality of opportunity.

In this Empower webinar week, we will explore the great variety of policies, approaches, expertise and experiences on Diversity and Inclusion that open and distance teaching universities represent.

Info and registration:

New in Faculty Focus, the authors from Achieving the Dream make the case for OERs being part of culturally responsive teaching:

It includes specific examples from Bunker Hill Community College and Northeast State Community College. Also, tucked in the end, is a link to a 10page Google Doc with more resources (resources leads one to resources!)

August 19, 2021 noon-1pm CST is a Future Trends Forum of interest “Leading a University to Equity

How can a university best establish equity in the 21st century? What role can a campus executive leader play in this?

We will meet with Dr. Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr. (on Twitter), the eleventh Chancellor of UNC Greensboro (UNCG), to explore his strategies and commitment.

Free and highly interactive, hosted in Shindig by Bryan Alexander – register online

Just came across (and listening to in background) this excellent episode of ACLU’s At Liberty podcast with Kimberlé Crenshaw, who as a co-founder of the theory, knows exactly what Critical Race Theory is (and is not).