At 22, Wikipedia dons new threads!

In time for its 22nd birthday, it seems Wikipedia’s fashion designers (the Wikimedia Foundation tech team) have given the global encyclopedia a brand new look (brand new, in that it has been in testing for yonks).

I know we cover the wikiverse a lot here (not surprising as some of us are deeply involved), but it is arguably the world’s largest OER … so seemed on topic.

Take a look around … What do you think of it? Does it add to the experience or is it not extreme enough …?

Hit reply to share your thoughts.

It’s an impressive undertaking to even achieve! My first glances are positive but I think it needs more time to be immersed in.

The visual changes are welcome and has a fresh, modern feel -I do like the flexible and always available sidebar and the ease of language transition, AND the preview links on mouse over.

I’m also curious to see in practice the under the hood changes for search.

It made my think of that add-in to Modern for Wikipedia to mod the theme, though I prefer making use of the built in features.

And hah, I think I caught it in changeover when I got an error page:

I was relieved to see shortly after that Wikipedia was ok!

Thanks for the tip and like you I am anxious to hear what others think of the new Wikipedia threads.

22 years old! That’s a lot.

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As a Wikipedian myself, I welcome these changes because, for a while, it is difficult trying to get non-Wikipedia editors to go by our interface quickly. But it looks different. I hope this time around it will be appealing to the majority of the people who are not editors. I got lost a few times on the design but I am getting used to it.