Call for Key Takeaways and Ahas

Our conference team is eager to hear from conference participants any examples of key takeways from each day of the conference. Please share yours in the padlet below:

Hi friends, Is this the space (or is there another space) where we might be collecting links to session resources like slide decks and so on? Looking forward to gobbling those up!

Hi friend. We are asking/hoping presenters will upload these to their entries in Sched. That still means fishing around! I might be able to generate an alpha list of sessions and links.

Ah okay that works! I will do that for mine and thanks for letting me know!

While you can search and find sessions in Sched, I fiddled with the program exports and created a Google Docs versions of all sessions listed by title, presenters, tracks, and URL for full info in Sched.

Here is the Conference Session Explorer!

Bless you and your epic fiddling skills!

Cher Alan et ami.e.s francophones, voici notre webinaire Open Education Global Francophone d’octobre 23 rendant compte de la conférence OEGlobal 2023 avec nos Key-Take-Aways and AhAh! 1 heure d'action pour l'éducation ! Octobre 2023 / Conférence OEG 2023 | Open Education Global Francophone avec @catherinelachaine @Melanie_Pl @jules.tchiyak

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And here are the interview of the German OERinfo OE Global 2023 in Edmonton/Kanada – Q&A mit Konferenzteilgebenden (Teil 1) - YouTube


Here is part 2 of the series of Q & A videos taken by OERinfo (Germany) at the conference, including participants and Perrine de Coëtlogon, President of the Board. Feel free to share your thoughts!

Danke schön, Johannes and OERinfo for sharing these wonderful videos! We will spread them around the world.

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