OEGlobal 2023 Conference Session Explorer

The entire conference program will remain available for public viewing, including all slides, documents, resources shared by presenters to the Sched entry for their session. You can find sessions there by keyword search or filters.

All recorded sessions are included in our :tv: YouTube OEGlobal 23 playlist

But as a tool to find specific sessions we are offering an export of all sessions as a Google Spreadsheet that includes title, track, authors, and link to Sched entry. You can:

  • :eyeglasses: Browse in embedded view below
  • :page_facing_up: View in Google Sheets and use prebuilt filters to show sessions by Track or just sessions with YopuTube recordings. See also a version embedded below
  • :file_cabinet: Make a copy to your own Google Drive for your own use, use filters to find sessions.

In addition we offer the listing as a standalone Google Doc


The version of the Session explorer you can view in Google Sheets now has prebuilt filters, so you can show only sessions in a given track, or also see just ones with YouTube recordings.

Just Look under the Data menu for Filter Views and select one of the pre-made filters below the line.

Just click the X in the black bar that appears above the sheet once its filtered to revert to the full view.