ReTooling and Reschooling: Climate Action and OER

Hi all, my OE Global presentation slot focused on what’s happening at the intersection of Climate Action and OER, and it was scheduled for late afternoon on Wed, Oct 18. Some people had already left the conference, while many others were either in other competing sessions, or out in the lobby for some last minute schmoozing.

Since Cable Green spoke so eloquently on the need for us all to get involved in capacity building at the intersection of Climate Action and OER, here’s my preso on this very topic.

Great to meet so many interesting people from around the world last week at OE Global!

Vivian Forssman

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And here is a link to 11 climate adaptation courses, all CC-licensed for your use/reuse and localization. Hope this helps other post-secondary institutions kick start programming on this critical topic.

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Great to see you at the conference, Vivian, and thanks for sharing your resources packed presentation. Sorry for the timing!

The outputs of the Resilience Lab are impressive, and it’s encouraging to see this action oriented approach, plus to know there is a masters program in Climate Change Leadership at a Royal Roads.

This is a fantastic list of Climate Change OER all in Pressbooks from BCCampus. I snagged all the links here

But now I am deep in exploring all the richness of content at weADAPT especially the map view

Thanks for this!

Alan thanks for amplifying this list of open climate action courses developed through the Adaptation Learning Network

Hi Vivian, thank you for sharing your current work and the learning resources available for Climate Action and Climate Adaptation. I am moving into open learning on these topics as these are areas where I have very little knowledge, but rather big hopes. I believe I might have capacity to be useful incorporating opportunities for creating awareness and teaching others and I am grateful you opened this door for me.

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Hi Jenni
We need a convo richer than a short elevator ride affords.
Send me a meeting invite and if there a calendar conflict I’ll counter the day/time

Hello Vivian, nice meeting you here! It was unfortunate that I missed your presentation in Edmonton! Sorry! I am currently organizing a launch for Africa Hub Climate Justice Movement under a program Service Learning #uniservitate #uniservitate_Africa. I have shared these beautiful materials on climate adaptation with our network in 5 universities from 5 Countries. I am very grateful! Let us keep the spirit of opening ‘up’ education for the world. and
Service Learning Climate Justice Movement Launch
Dr. Judith Pete, Nairobi Kenya

Hi Judith
Great to hear you have shared the courses within this community! If there are ways the Resilience by Design Lab can help in re-use, please reach out. I am

FYI I’ve been working as fast as possible to upload the live streamed sessions that were recorded, including Vivian’s… here it is!

We have the full conference session archives available as a filterable Googlesheet, doc, and a playlist.

I’ve known Vivian longer than we can likely calculate, she’s a powerful force for open.

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Alan thank you for your huge effort of getting all these OE Global 23 sessions up into YouTube!

Even though my session, Re-tooling and Re-schooling was at the end of the day, at the end of the conference, with only a handful of enthusiastic participants who were still in the building, your recognition of my passion for creating, using and re-purposing open access climate upskilling resources is greatly appreciated.

Building a sustainable future, on this gem of a planet, is the opportunity of our time. Open knowledge and rapid upskilling are critical elements for creating momentum to take on the urgency of the climate crisis.