Call for Papers: Open Education and the Commons

Dear OEG Community,

Let me wish you a healthy and insightful new year!
I am looking forward to continue to advance openness in a collaborative worldwide effort.
The young multilingual journal Education Ouverte et Libre - Open Education has issued its second call, focusing on Open Education and Commons.
The call is available from: and you are cordially invited to contribute.
Best regards,

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Thanks for sharing this call, Barbara, it always seems timely, yet even more now, to share the concept of the Commons.

Our Communications expert @IslaHF has this queued for wider sharing tomorrow to our various social media channels.

If anyone has an interest or question about the journal or ideas for a contribution, ask Barbara here.

Barbara - this is an interesting opportunity that I hope some are taking you up on. I am hoping that when I am finished with my dissertation that I will be able to contribute to call such as these. I’ll be looking through the previous articles in this journal to expand my understanding of others’ work. Thanks for the share!