Calling for OERs with OER-Libs

Not to be confused too much with a trademarked game name, use this space to compose a request for a certain kind of OER. We set up a sample possible prompt that may help you formulate a request for a type of OER (image? video? textbook?) to represent a concept (metaphor) or demonstrate a process in a specific discipline for a certain level of learner.

Feel free to change the request up to better define what you are looking for. The point here is to formulate a request specific enough to help people give you a response.

If you answer a call for an OER, provide a link, license, and share how you found it.

The OER-Lib

Possible examples:

  • “I am looking for a video to represent negative reinforcement for an undergraduate learning activity in Psychology.”
  • “I am looking for a photo to represent calculating the slope of a line for a middle school activity in Mathematics
  • “I am looking for a short reading to demonstrate cultural literacy for a university activity in teacher education” preferably for learners where English is not their native language.

It’s all in how you ask!