CCCOER Webinar - Wed Dec 7 - Measuring the Impact Of Open Education

Originally published at: Measuring the Impact Of Open Education – CCCOER

While saving students money is incredibly important, open education initiatives have explored a variety of alternative metrics to gauge impact. What about student success? What about teaching and learning? Join us as our guests discuss the successes and challenges they’ve had measuring the effect of open in different ways.  When: Wednesday, December 7, 12 pm PST/3 pm EST Speakers: Ryan Korstange, PhD, Director of Academic Affairs, Tennessee Higher Education Commission Michael LaMagna, Information Literacy Program & Library Services Coordinator Professor of Library Services, Delaware County Community College Dr. Rebecca Vásquez Ortiz, Associate Professor of Psychology, Santa Ana College Moderator: Matthew…

This looks very much worth attending. Tell your friends, colleagues to be part of this. If you do participate, please share a key point or question here in OEG Connect.

:point_down: You can catch a replay of the webinar here …

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I’m curious if/how anyone makes use of the data in the Open Syllabus project offering a wide range of visualizations and relations extracted from over 7 million shared high education syllabi.

Just looking at the OER metrics area

OER Metrics tracks the adoption of openly-licensed textbooks and monographs in higher education, using licensing information from the Open Textbook Library and the Directory of Open Access Books.

I’m not exactly sure what to make of it, much is relationships between titles, and where textbooks have been adopted.