Celebrate The Women Driving Open Education! Share your gratitude!

This International Women’s Day, give a public shout-out to the women who have inspired you in your Open Education journey!

OE Week yet again coincides with International Women’s Day on March 8.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of OE Week, we like to provide a space where the OEWeek community can share their gratitude for the women who are courageous in their pursuit of open solutions that make quality education accessible to all.

While education is one of the few sectors where women are closing the gender gap, there is still much to be done to achieve true gender equity worldwide for faculty, schools, organisations, and their staff, teachers, and students.

We’d love you to take an OEWeek minute to celebrate the woman or women who have made a profound impact on your open education journey – you might know them or just be inspired by the work they do …

Gratitude is a wonderful thing!!

For bonus points: If you know of any open-focused gender projects or events happening this year, please share them below!

If you would like to know more about this persistent international issue, you can dig deeper into the current state of the gender gap in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2023


Just quickly spotted this collection of gender gap statistics based on data from the World Economic Forum

It states globally the gender gap is 68% closed (which is very far away), and that in “educational attainment” the gap is 95% closed (? is it)

Screen Shot 197

Also, it will be just 151 years to globally close the gap. Yikes.

Screen Shot 198


I of course went the Remix OEWeek postcard route!

This post might not be big enough to handle all the recognition I should do.

I start with appreciating my OEG colleagues who put endless effort into the work of this organization @LizYata @IslaHF rachel @heatherb @marcela and then the powerful leadership of our OEG board members @PerrineCoet @lcbyoung @connieb @wanhsu1234 @Lena @cathcass @Paola @Marisol

I want to mention as well the powerful duo who made Higher Education for Good a beautiful light of hope thanks @catherinecronin and Laura Czerniewicz and especially for bringing us the open chapter discussions this week PLUS @Paola (again) and @chrissinerantzi for sharing their inpsiring chapter Calm in the Storm with us AND Chrissi again for organzing the student panel on AI literacy,

And then so many women who came for the OE Week Live discussions I just sprun on them, including @sushumna, Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, @PerrineCoet (again), @connieb (again), @verenanz (thanks for that OE Pep Rally video!), @bgray , @mdeepwell , @ammienoot, @AjitaD , @JudithSebesta , @hmross , @karencang , @Jenni , and @cynthia for making these conversations so valiuable.

Some more appreciation to @peskorm for being so active in OEG Connect.

And a big hug and thankfullness to @mahabali and @Jennryn for recording OEG Voices podcast sessions with us, just wait until you hear them, they will be great.

I am definitely not done yet, but I am so fortunate to have so many inspiring women colleagues.


Wish I had been able to attend more live discussions… they have an energy that you cannot replicate with recordings. I wish I had been able to attend the sessions live (unpredictable factors kept me away). Still, I am excited to have new material to be inspired and educated by that I can work through over the coming weekends!

Shout out to @JudithSebesta, @TanyaSpilovoy, Nicole Allen from SPARC! They all saw my potential and supported my passion. I will.never forget. @ReginaGong welcomed me to this world and told me to keep going and break barriers.


Thanks for being there at the finale session. And we will continue with a regularly scheduled of monthly + live sessions.


It was absolutely my pleasure, Alan! Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the discussions.

How lovely, Beatrice. It has been so gratifying to see how you have fulfilled your potential as a leader in Open Education and then some! Thank you for this shout out. :blush:

Kudos to @peskorm her remix of the postcard for International Women’s Day & Open Education Week.

Postcard robin