Cheers for Karen Cangialosi!

Congratulations to friend and colleague @karencang on her new role as director of the Every Learner Everywhere program advancing equity and learning outcomes together. Great things will happen there, for sure!

Here’s the official press:

We will miss here here at OE Global but she’s still an active Individual Member and has promised to stay connected. I was proud that her last day here was a fantastic open conversation with the advisory team for the Regional Leaders of Open Education (RLOE) program-- I recommend checking out the results of the program and the stories we heard in that conversation.

Hey Karen! Milford Mill is calling out Randallstown :wink:


Thank you Alan! I miss you and the other OE Global peeps, and definitely all of the RLOE team. I know we will continue this work and I’ll be finding ways to integrate open education more deeply into the Every learner network. So grateful for the spaces you have created here on OEG connect, the live show and podcast - and in so many other venues. Let’s keep this community connected and engaged in doing this work together towards bringing equity and social justice to higher education!


Congratulations on this exciting new role Karen!