Conference Updates

Our internal planning process with our colleagues and OEGlobal 2023 hosts at NorQuest College have been in action behind the scenes.

The latest information is available at the conference web site - note the theme of Building A Sustainable World Through Open Education.


The Call for Proposals has closed as of May 15, 2023 but see that page for details of the session themes, as well as the list of conference Key dates.

Also available is details on conference registration, set to open June 1, 2023, plus information for those who have to organize a visa to visit Canada.

Let’s set the stage with the welcome from NorQuest College President and CEO, Carolyn Campbell:

Keep your eyes as well on the main lobby for the conference space here in OEGlobal especially as we aim to build participation opportunities for those “In Edmonton” and “Not in Edmonton” as we attempted for OEGlobal 2022.

As a community space, the floor is open for ideas and suggestions to make this an experience for everyone.

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Much has been happening as we near being two months away from the OEGlobal 2023 Conference-- registrations are coming in, and a gentle reminder that one the key dates is the close of early bird registration August 15, 2023.

All the conference details are listed on the main site, and OEG Connect readers (hello out there!) might be the first to be know about the provisional program just added to the site today.

We’d like to point your attention to also the published vision for the conference that outlines a “two-eyed seeing” approach of using together Indigenous and western approaches to knowledge and understanding.

We are aiming to create ways of engaging that support the braiding together of different conference sessions, activities-- this is very much influencing how we hope to invite both conference attendees in Edmonton and those who cannot travel to the conference to bring this perspective to this OEG Connect space. I for one would welcome any ideas how we can achieve this.

I tried submitting information for the visa invitation letter but received an email back saying it was undeliverable because the email provider rejected it.

Apologies Michael, we have been trying to sort this out. I will send you directly a Norquest rep’s email who will be able to respond better.

For anyone else experiencing this, you can let me know here or send a note to

Thanks for the quick reply!