Connect with 2022 Open Practices Awards Winners

The winners of the 2022 Open Education Awards for Excellence have been announced!

Here we invite the open education community to congratulate and connect with the projects and organizations recognized in the Open Practices Awards category.

How we share- open practices awards

Open Practices are collective behaviors and techniques that open up access to educational opportunities. These practices promote and support the use of open educational resources, technologies, and social networks to facilitate collaborative and flexible teaching and learning.

Meet the Open Practices Awards Winners

Reply with your congratulations to the winners and also share how these practices have impacted or might impact your own open education work:

  • How have you been involved in any of these award-winning open practices?
  • What has been their impact on your open education efforts?
  • Which of these practices would you like to learn more about?

It’s hard to have favorite categories, but the Open Practices is mine.

I am excited for all these winners and their shared practices, We at OEGlobal are looking forward to focusing in more of their work in upcoming OEG Voices podcasts and maybe some focussed discussions here in OEG Connect.

There is planned (am I spilling the secret, @marcela ??) a series of mini events in the near future (aka before the end of 2022) to give highlight to each winner.

I will start by sending cheers to @bryanmcgeary and @riehmanmurphy for their sharing through several past OEG events the clear guidance of the Open Pedagogy Project Roadmap.

Bryan and Christina have hosted asynchronous discussions on the Roadmap here in OEG Connect that remain open for the community.

And apparently for Bryan there is some connection to The Rutles (ask him to explain)


Thank you for the shout out @cogdog! It is so wonderful to be among so many great OE projects!