Connect with 2022 Special Awards Winners

This is beyond “special” to see the Open Resilience award recognizing librarians from the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies.

Many thanks to @Paola for earlier this year sharing the moving letter from Tetiana Kolesnykova showing so clearly this strong sense of resilience:

As librarians, we had to take care of our teams and ensure that most online library services were reliably provided for ongoing remote university work. We had to protect the unique books and digital collections and we chose to be the ambassadors of Open Education (OE) and Open Educational Resources (OER) at our universities, and possibly in the whole of Ukraine. And all of that - in critical times of crisis.

The war has made us strong.

Ukrainian librarians are determined to continue supporting students and teachers: often in extreme conditions. They are taking the chance to implement Open Education solutions at a time when most at need.

Read the full text of Tetiana’s message (thanks to SPARC librarian colleagues for translating):

OE developments in UA - en.pdf (60.3 KB)