Contributor of the Month Club (badges and who knew)

We so appreciate the 1600+ interested people who have joined the OEG Connect Community.

There are some things the underlying discourse platform does automatically which are wonderful to see, and I admit as the person running this ship I did not know it did like recognizing New Contributors of the Month with a community badge (see the 27 community members previously recognized).

This badge is granted to congratulate two new users each month for their excellent overall contributions, as measured by how often their posts were liked, and by whom.

I only knew of this because most recent awardee @NellKate sent a nice message of appreciation. Thanks Nell! And we are thankful for Nell’s interests and contributions in her first month here (and as a new OEG Individual member).

Also this month @IreneStewart got the same badge (Hi Irene! we’ve known each other a while from other projects over the years).

To get one of these badges, just aim to create or respond to a few posts in your first month.

I also manually distribute the Connector Extraordinaire Badge to people I see being active here- if you want to suggest someone for this, just message me @cogdog

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This is very motivating I am looking forward for the chat hour on Monday via Zoom

I have to learn how badges work

These badges are recognition within this community site, they are not digital credentials that can go anywhere else. The badges work as small awards for participation many of them automatically awarded by the discourse software that runs this site (learn more…)

Badges here show up in both the mini profiles when you click any members icon and also in more detail when you click the icon again to see their full profile, like yours