Copying Content Here From Google Docs

In a previous post on I mentioned the idea of composing content in Google Docs

The OEG Connect text editor can re-create the format when pasted in of rich text formatted content, e.g. copied from a web page or, more interestingly, from a Google Doc.

This would work great for OE Global 2020 presenters putting together their resource to add o their presentation or creating the content for an asynchronous or poster presentation

Here is a silly test of composing in a Gdoc, selecting all, copy, then pasting here… Headings, lists, links, and even images come along nicely.

This is Fascinating

Yes it is, well a formatted, Google doc. Surprised? What if we composed here, then did a Select All, Copy, then paste into OEG Connect?

Amazing Subheadings Might Happen

And we might

  • Have
  • Lists
    • Even
    • With
    • Levels

As well as images! Especially, ones with attribution.

Belly on a Prairie Road” flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using (CC0)

And naturally, hyperlinks.

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