:sync: Creating and Integrating MOOCS in Blended Learning

Author: Roma Joseph
Institution: Isabella Thoburn College
Country: India

Topic: Innovation through MOOCs practices
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Building capacity
Session Format: Workshop


Although it has been long since Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are being used in the educational environment in general and higher education in particular, it’s role and importance has increased manifold in the unprecedented situation of the pandemic due to COVID-19. The educational institutions, administration, and teachers all are striving hard to find out the ways to get connected to the learners and to keep the teaching-learning active in the phase of lockdown, and what has been a great support to them is the incorporation of MOOCs with their traditional classroom pattern to meet the various learning preferences. The unseen situation like pandemic has also fostered the need of developing learning strategies like blended learning which can cater to the needs of all sorts of students in the face to face and in the online environment, giving rise to the need for creating and integrating MOOCS through blended pedagogy. To, cater to the above objectives, it is essential that teachers are also skilled to create their own MOOCS and can integrate the same in teaching through various online platforms for MOOCS eg., Coursera, edX, Moodle, Gnomio etc. . Hence, It is required that teachers are aware of tools and technology involved in creating e- contents for MOOCS and implementing it through blended learning pedagogy in educating the students. The present proposal on, “Creating and Integrating MOOCS in Blended Learning” will focus on training the participants to use technological skills involved in creating e-contents for MOOCS and developing their own MOOC courses using various online platforms.


MOOCS, Blended Learning, E-contents


Dear friends you can also visit some of the initiatives taken during pandemic on training educators and learners for online teaching- learning skills through MOOCs.

You can also be a part or share the code and link for MOOC on Google Classroom.

Also check the videos on YouTube.

You are also invited to be the part of an International Online Lecture Series on " Latest Trends and Issues in Education, under the empowerment programme of teachers around the world through ‘Mission Shakti’. Shakti means Power or Strength.

Dear Friends,
As I would we sharing about the eContent development and creation in my workshop session. I invite you to download and install some software and register to some sites to facilitate hands-on activities.
1.OBS- Open broadcaster software https://obsproject.com/download.
2. Mindmaster- https://www.edrawsoft.com/mindmaster/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA7qP9BRCLARIsABDaZzhkr5LNxvLeNjOU4kqXXL8I8apA_b9V2Y9yiYlmngWBjTPCS-nz8akaArK2EALw_wcB
3. Render Forest-
4. Sign up for RenderForest.https://www.renderforest.com/
5. edu.gloster.com

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Dear Roma,
Thank you for your wonderful introduction!!

I will be your session host on Monday. Looking forward to meeting you online.
A little reminder:

  1. Please arrive to the conference room at least 10 minutes prior to the session.
  2. We usually don’t record the workshop sessions. If you do want us to record it or part of it. Please let us know when you entering the meeting room.

Thank you so much!

Marian Wan

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Thanks, Dear@ Marian. :bouquet:
It would be my privilege to have you there, looking forward to meeting you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear Friends,
The countdown has begun, I invite you to take a tour of my workshop on, "Creating and Integrating MOOCs in Blended Learning"
Visit the BLUERINT here https://viewer.edrawsoft.com/public/s/d2d76977783202

This session looks exciting. I am super amazed with the things I have seen people do with OBS to improve their video capability beyond camera or screen share; it gives you what previously required expensive software. And I love Loom for screen recording.

FYI, you may check link number 5 I think there is a typo- I believe you mean http://edu.glogster.com It’s been a while since I have seen Glogster, glad it is still around.

A long time ago I ran a lot of workshops demonstrating how to use free web based tools like Glogster for creating small digital stories (quite a few ones are gone) Fifty+ Web Ways to Tell a Story (https://50ways.cogdogblog.com/)

I hope I can stay up late for this workshop!

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Thanks, dear@Alan, you are absolutely correct it is http://edu.glogster.com. It would be a great pleasure to have you there for the session :slightly_smiling_face: :bouquet:

Dear Friends,
A warm welcome. I cordially invite you to grace my session with your esteemed presence. Looking forward to meeting you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Kindly click on the link to have a tour of what we have to interact about.

Dear @participants and @members of@oeglobal2020.
A warm welcome to you in my session. You are invited to check out the link to know about the workshop activities, and presentation.

Hi, Dear Friends@oeglobal
Watch this introductory animation. We can make impressive, interesting, and engaging animations for MOOCs. It’s all there in my workshop tomorrow.

Dear friends@oeglobal,
Watch the video presentation of the workshop here

Thank you for your workshop. We’ve uploaded initial presentation part:

Dear @Marian@Jure
Had a great time presenting at the conference. All the related material is posted here at @OEGconnect, and I am also creating a MOOC on “Creating and Integrating MOOCs in BL”. I’ll post the videos asap.slightly_smiling_face: A bouquet of flowers :bouquet: for you for the great work done.

Dear friends @OEGconnect
Check out my latest animated OER. Subscribe to the channel for MOOC on OER.