Creating interactive Open Educational Resources using BULB (WordPress)

For anyone using WordPress to create OERs, this WPCampus session looks interesting

This is part of the 2021 WPCampus online conference September 21-22, 2021. Registration is free for this event.

The BU Learning Blocks (BULB) plugin is available for hosted WordPress sites

BU Learning Blocks (BULB) is a collection of Gutenberg blocks and WordPress Custom Post Types that enable the easy creation of academic lessons. With BULB you can facilitate online learning by embedding self-assessment questions directly into your lesson. Creating and publishing a BULB Lesson is no different than creating a standard WordPress Page. The plugin provides two key capabilities that are not provided by WordPress:

  • A set of blocks that help you add different types of self-assessment questions
  • A way to order and navigate multiple Lesson Pages in a specific sequence
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On Twitter, one of the devs responded to a question comparing BULB to H5P:

BULB is more fully integrated with WordPress, as a native plugin, and embraces the Gutenberg editor more fully. It also lets you make your content private, which H5P doesn’t. H5P’s advantage is a wider variety of content types.

Amod Lele on Twitter