Creative Commons Licenses for 3D Models at Sketchfab

The content in this Introduction to Creative Commons Licenses published at Sketchfab will be familiar for most open educators

as well as the case it makes for attribution.

But what is more interesting is the use of CC Licenses in this community site for 3D models and the examples of remix enabled by licenses the post shares.

The search interface for the 3D models offered at Sketchlab offers an option to limit results to one or more licenses, here is a search for models of IBM computers licensed CC BY

Sketchfab search for IBM and licensed CC-BY

and one result, a 3D model of an IBM 3178 by Maxdragonn licensed CC BY. You can view it from any angle, zoom in, zoom out, and if you have the skills and software (I do not), the model could be downloaded and used in other 3D works.


I’m curious to know more about licenses, reuse, remixes for 3D modeling…