Descript for Educators

I recently wrote elsewhere about my use of for changing up my entire approach to audio editing for podcasts.

It’s late notice (like 24 hours) but noted this webinar of possible interest, “Descript for Educators”

When: 2023-05-31T19:30:00Z

Descript for Educators
Calling all teachers, professors, and educators of any sort: this one is for you. Join us for a dedicated deep dive on using Descript to streamline and soup up your teaching and communications on Wednesday, May 31st. We’ll cover:

  • How to create an online lesson or lecture from start to finish that’s easy for you to update and engaging for students to watch
  • How to record you and your screen for reviewing lesson plans, projects, & more
  • Using our screen recorder to grade papers and narrate your feedback
  • Using Descript to communicate with your students and colleagues

Whether you’re creating fully asynchronous courses or standing at the chalkboard every day, you’ll leave this event with new workflows that’ll save you time (and help you sleep). This event is an hour long, with time for Q&A, and we can email you a recording if you can’t make it. See you soon!

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