Dial In Your OEWeek2023 Calendar

The clock is ticking down, in one week we will be into our first day of activities for Open Education Week 2023. Have you been dialing in your plans?

OEWeek 2023 calendar image based on Calendar Round flickr photo by vbecker shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license modified to expand wider and add an overly of the OEWeek logo (CC BY)

We encourage you to make use of the official full event calendar where all dates and times are displayed in your device’s local time.

Now you can link to what is happening each day, each title is linked to the full event details.

But wait, there is more! You can now click the icon on the far right to bookmark/save an event as a favorite (on your current device). These then remain saved for you under the link https://oeweek.oeglobal.org/schedule/my/.

And even more! you can even share your schedule with others, for example, see one set of favorite events. When shared with someone else, the recipient can than select which ones to add to their favorites.\

Do you have any questions about using the calendar? Ask below, message us any time via @OEGconnect or email connect@oeglobal.org

Interesting OE Week 23. I am unable to watch the OE Week schedule page / events/assests page. I am experiencing a unstable webpage I am using MAC with Safari, tried in Chrome too! No luck. It’s flickering. Is it my system problem or the site have some issue.

Oh no, this is not good! I will be alerting our tech team right away.

I do not think it is a browser or a setting issue; I just tested many parts of the site with Safari without incident (and I do not like saying that, it is probably the worst kind of tech support a person can hear).

But I do know the functionality is dependent on the loading of some remove CSS and/or Javascript, which I have seen slow down a view. Maybe try again with a SHIFT refresh/reload to download all the files.

After altering our tech folks, we will look at some other means to provide the program details for you.

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Here is a screen recording of the issue OE WEEK 23
If this helps.

Thank you. Paging @jan please advise. It looks to me like the site is in some kind of loop trying to detect the local time (?)

Are you able to select from the menu in the middle that is set to UTC and change it to your local time zone (it is a long list of options)

@cogdog tried, but not able to select as it’s not stable. Thanks for your time.

I am so sorry.

Do you have a browser developer tools enabled in a browser? If so, the Javascript Console likely has some errors.

Sorry about the issue, @sushumna, and thank you for providing the screen recording – very helpful!

What happens when you clear the browser cache?

@cogdog thanks you tried this too, no luck. @jan I did clear the cache still no luck.

Hello, I believe I found and fixed the issue. Please try again and let me know. Sorry for inconvenience.


Thank you @hanecak I can see the page now and book mark my favourites. Thank you once again.