Connect Here for Open Education Week 2023

Open Education Week is going into motion starting January 23, 2023, are you ready to be part of the world wide celebration and gathering?


Do you want logos and other promotional materials for OE Week? We got them for you.

What to Do

The official dates are March 6-10, 2023, but there are things to do now, before, during, and after. First, of course, is the event web site

If you have never been part of Open Education Week, learn more about the event concept- it is really a distributed series of events organized by anyone around the world interested in being part of it.

The key thing for now is the the call for participation, now open. This is where we collect information about events you are planning to organize to build out the full week’s calendar. In addition you can also share any open education resources (we call them assets) that you would like to share into our library.

Spread the #OEweek hashtag in social media too.

Connect Here

Again, OEG Connect is always here as a place to ask questions (e.g. about the event or open education in general), to share what you are planning to do, or just meet other colleagues.

A good starting point as always is… saying hello. Or add your response to the Pulse poll and let us know the first year you participated in OEWeek.

We organize this part of OEG Connect into 3 areas, but it really does not matter where you join in.

  • KNOW about OEWeek is where we will post information and updates, but also is the place for you to talk about the event or just talk about it.

  • DO OEWeek Activities Look here for calls to engage in fun and or connecting activities with other colleagues. But it is also open to anyone to use as a place to organize your own OEWeek activities.

  • SHARE OE Week If you participate in an event/activity or explore one of the assets, share here what you got out of the experience. Send a report of a sessions, or share photos.

Newly Added Activities!

We hope you help light up this space with many conversations. This is the place for connecting with colleagues (and making new connections) during Open Education Week.

If you have any questions about using OEG Connect just message @connect or email us connect@oeglobal,org


Thanks! The Open Ed SIG usually contributes an event/events to the OEWeek so we will make sure we update here.

We were hoping to hear that, Teresa! Please add list events at the OEweek main site