Hello, We Are #OEWeek, Come In!

We are here to say "hello: and to let you know that Open Education Week 2023 #OEWeek is open and ready for you.

Hello, we are OPEN- come in to OEG Connect! Please add your hellos as a reply below…

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OEWeek in OEG Connect

We organized this area of OEG Connect into three areas, but it really does not matter where you join in. Reply, favorite, share, post new topics…

  • KNOW about OEWeek is where we will post information and updates, but also is the place for you to talk about anything relevant to this year’s events or your interests.

  • DO OEWeek Activities Look here for calls to engage in fun and or connecting activities with other colleagues. But it is also open to anyone to use as a place to set up your own OEWeek activities.

  • SHARE OE Week If you participate in an event/activity or explore one of the assets, share here what you got out of the experience. Send a report of a sessions, or share photos.

If you have any questions about using OEG Connect just message @connect or email us connect@oeglobal,org


Please share where you are located, what you do in the world of open education, what you plan or hope to do during OEWeek, or even share a photo of your cat.

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Okay, someone has to say hello… and it might as well be us here at OEG Connect. Yes, we hope to see more greetings here and let us know where you are connecting from, and what you are planning to do during Open Education Week.


I’ll say hello! I’m Lorna Campbell and I manage the OER Service at the University of Edinburgh.

We’re running an Open Education Week webinar on Tuesday 7th March, 15:00 - 16:00 GMT to celebrate a decade of open online course development at the University of Edinburgh. This webinar will tell the story of how we developed an open course creation workflow that has enabled us to share 100 free short open courses and over 1000 OERs over the last 10 years. Come and join our team of senior leaders, learning technologists, media producers, instructional designers and open educators to hear how we developed this unique open course development workflow and to discover what we learned along the way. Register via Eventbrite here: Open for Good - 10 years of open course development at Edinburgh University.

Hello Lorna! I knew I can count on you.

Thanks for hosting this session on the open course workflow, which from the sheer volume of open content generated at the University of Edinburgh must be flowing smoothly.

Thanks too for adding the webinar to the OE Week Events calendar!

Hey Alan, I am nothing if not predictable! We’re always very happy to get involved with Open Education Week :slight_smile: I might event sign up for one of your live from OpenEdWeek shows if I can sort out my diary.

I’m not going to lie, it has required a lot of trial and error to develop a workflow that really does embed openness at every stage of the course creation process, rather than just tacking it on at the end. It’s been a learning process for sure, but we’re very happy to share our experiences.

I’ve also just added our Open Media Bank, where we share our open MOOC videos, to the Asset Archive, along with an open textbook we created by re-purposing open licensed course content.


You are a mind reader then too! More than happy to have you join a live session, even if you can join for just a portion it’s fine.

The first session Thursday will be interesting as I am hoping to bring in the OER23 conference committee via their Discord space. Experimental!

If nothing works well let me know I might be adding sessions

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Hello from India. Our Foundation, KBR & HL Human Development Foundation and Hyderabad Institute of Technology & Management (HITAM) are organizing a 3-Day Virtual FDP on Creating Engaging OER for Engineering Education during March 8-10, 2023.

Facilitators: @Indira and @sushumna

Learning Outcomes

Participation in the FDP will enable the participants to:

  • Find OER relevant to Engineering Courses
  • Convert OER into engaging and interactive content using Lumi H5P desktop app
  • Publish interactive H5P OER on Lumi Cloud
  • Embed CC-licensed H5P content in Moodle courses
  • Create H5P assessments in Moodle courses

Full details are available on OE Week Events Calendar.


Hi Indira! That sounds like a fabulous set of events! Thank you so much for sharing them. :grinning:

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Hello everyone! We are excited about all of the events happening for OEweek. What a tremendous schedule!

Some of us were so excited that our OEweek events started a little early… I was super stoked to run an Open Pedagogy workshop, together with the amazing @RVOrtiz Rebecca Vasquez Ortiz from RLOE, for Leeward Community College also with some participants from Kapi’olani Community College, and others from the UHCC system, including @sunyeen Sunny Pai, on Thurs, Mar 2. Both of these CC’s are fabulous members of CCCOER/OEGlobal and part of the Hawai’i Community College System.

This event was hosted by the extraordinary Wayde Oshiro @waydeo! I continue to be impressed with Wayde’s talent, dedication, generosity and the success of the open education work that he leads!

The next day, Wayde, Sunny, Rebecca and I all had the opportunity to present at the Hawai’i Student Success Institute (HISSI) on Fri, Mar 3. This conference was an incredible experience and opportunity to engage with some of the most passionate educators in the world.

Mahalo Wayde and Sunny!! :heartpulse: :heartpulse:

(Wayde and Karen)

(Sunny, Wayde, Karen, Rebecca)

Stay tuned to learn more about these events and be sure to share the information about the OEGlobal membership drive for OEweek2023!

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Ugh sorry Alan, time ran away with me! I’ll check my calendar for later in the week.

Belated hello from Switzerland, where my team and I are working to bring our award-winning kids’ science journal Frontiers for Young Minds to new heights!

We are sharing our fully free, open-access online journal as an OE Resource for this week (and of course, always ongoing) and are running a Twitter campaign to highlight the week and the content.

Hello from Chatham, Ontario and St. Clair College. We have Library displays at each campus and three workshops for faculty this week. I am enjoying check out what other open practitioners are doing around the world and am joining some workshops offered by others including eCampus Ontario.

But, I am really replying to share this picture of my cat. Is is art imitating life or life imitating art? Either way, Puddin approves of my new bookends!

Happy OE Week everyone!

Hello from San Antonio, Texas, USA. I’m an OER librarian at Palo Alto College one of the five colleges of Alamo College District. I’m beginning my second year work in OE, and very new at OE. I was hired to help support the faculty transitioning to using open textbooks and materials. At times this is wonderful. Other times not so much. I feel a lack of guidance. Like what is my next step. So my hope is to find some direction.
I do not have a picture of my cat, so here is Callie, my comfort.


Hi Irene! It’s so great to cross paths again and hope things are going great at St.Clair College. Would love to see some photos of your library displays in our Share area.

But because cats, guess what? We have 2! Felix loves them, and they are all each watching different Open Education Week webinars on different screens.

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Hi Susan (and Callie, I love dogs).

I’m glad you are here to ask questions-- when you say

Do you mean direction from your institution? What you can do beyond support the transition? Are you looking for resources to help organize efforts?

I might suggest this resource


as well as the Rebus Community

But I hope others here can chime in as well (as this is a Hello topic, it may get lost in the flow, so posting as a new topic might help)

You likely are already subscribed, but the CCCOER Community email group is a great place for these questions too.

Hello Callie, from Felix!


Thanks Alan. Little bit of all three. The book looks like I need it, especially Unit II and III.