About OE Week in Connect

Welcome to the OEG Connect space for 2021 Open Education Week (OE Week), an area to post highlights of events and also available to anyone to organize activities with attached discussion. Think of this as the town square of OE Week, where you can share and discuss what is happening across the many offerings taking place (more…).

OEG Connect includes these areas to support OE Week:

  • Know about OE Week. Learn (and ask) what is going on and how to participate. If you have participated before, share your past experiences as a way to help those attending for the first time what to expect.

  • Do activities. OE Global will base a number of asynchronous activities here, similar to ones we offered for the OG Global 2020 Conference as Convo & Collab. If you have or create an account here, you can create your own areas to host an OE Week activity.

  • Share what is happening elsewhere. OE Week is a highly distributed event, and there are many events and activities happening each day. Use this area to share back highlights, resources, photos, reflections-- anything that will let others know what happened in the things you participated in.