Digital Postcard Remixer for OE Week 2024

Once again we have crafted a new digital postcard for you to remix and share for OE Week using the Fabulous Remixer Machine by @VisualThinkery

Create your own version by adding your own photo of perhaps a view from where you are in the world that conveys the idea of “open”

Start by visiting the new postcard we created for the OE Week Gallery

Digital Postcard with all the information on hwo to customize and publish it

Use the top tool bar to replace the main image, and optionally the stamp, and then edit the message to reflect whats in your photo, and the to and from fields to personalize it.

Publish to the Fabulous Remixer Machine, and then download a copy to share here.

Remix often and share!


The Fabulous Remixer machine is always fun and we see a lot of creativity in the responses.

The open spaces of the prairies in the middle of Canada provide breath stealing views almost every other day. I always enjoy a walk down our country lane with my pal Felix.

Digital postcard with wide sky of intense colored clouds above a bright sun on the horizon. A brown and white dog is staring at in in the middle of a dirt row

What are the views like where you will be for Open Education Week? Send us a remixed postcard starting from the OEWeek 2024 starter card.

Okay, click the emojis and send likes, but I’d really like to see a good stream of remixes.

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I spied a new remix from @mkishoremkr and it looks fantastic!

And this one for the UK Future Teacher Network remixed by @warwicklanguage

Cogdog reminded me that Open Education Week is fast approaching on this week’s Reclaim Hosting community webinar.

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All hail the Queen of Angels, thanks for joining the postcard remix part.

Now I need the Flibbertigibbet Club t-shirt :wink:

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So excited to see an event organized by the Slovak Center for Scientific and Technical Information in my hometown of Bratislava, Slovakia! :smiley: Sending a postcard invitation to my librarian friends… :wink:


Indeed Jan, a postcard for Librarians is a wonderful gesture.

Also newly spotted in the remixed collection is a “Welcome to the Urdu world with a message on the beauty of language” from a participant from Dr B R Ambedkar Open University

Cheers to all there who have been so active in this time leading up to Open Education Week. And also look at the strong “Community Colleges Get it Done” remix by our own @heatherb

You can start your own fabulous digital postcard remix from any existing card in the gallery.

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It’s always exciting to see what new adventures OEWeek has in store for us.

I’m sure there will be no shortage of inspiring stories and valuable insights to learn from. The possibilities are endless, the sky is the limit! Let’s get ready to soar to new heights and explore all the amazing opportunities that OEWeek has to offer!

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Greetings from Costa Rica, that the open week be of great benefit and leave many learnings. And who knows, maybe we’ll find the end of the rainbow.

Un saludo a todos y esperando con ansias lo que la semana abierta nos trae este año.


The post cards are going out. Will you remix one and share your Open Education Week plans?

We have spotted a card sent from the OER space from the Library at Excelsior University

and another from San Mateo County Community College District featuring their OE Week events including a keynote on Centering Social Justice in OER with Jasmine Roberts-Crews.

Oh check this out,. look what the clever folks at San Mateo County Community College District did with their postcard remix:


That is very clever, they put a QR code in the stamp that links to their fantastic list of Open Education Week events-- we would add the link here, but will live it as an exercise for the postcard viewer.