Direct from OER24: Share The Best Bits You See

Dia duit ó Chorcaigh! Hello from Cork, Ireland. I am fortunate to be here, along with my OE Global colleagues, a few board members, and many others from the open education community for the OER24 conference, organized by ALT and hosted by Munster Technological University (MTU)..

Colorful hand drawn letters OER all with figures and symbols, the number 24, and the slogal Digital Transformation in Open Education

Yes, if you are in attendance you likely will be sharing moments and resources out to social media, which is definitely sharing, but all of those valuable bits drift away downstream.

So I am asking anyone attending the conference, if during any session you see an interesting project, resource, that might be of interest to others, just click that reply button and share it here.

What if we surfaced the “best bits” here? No long posts por narratives, just useful links. Or photos.

And if you are not here in Cork, take a look at the schedule, and if there is a session you’d like to hear about, drop a request in below.

Can we collectively cork some of the best. bits from this conference? Let’s do it.


Hi Alan,
Thanks for sharing. I am not attending but since Rajiv is opening the conference, it would be great to hear about his current thoughts and messages (and/or access his slides).
Enjoy the conference :slight_smile:

Hi Alan,

I will take you up on your offer for a request! I am curious about the Institutional Self-Assessment Tool for Open Educational Practices ISAT2. How can I learn more about it and when will this tool be available to the public? Many thanks to Rajiv and the others who are leading this valuable work!
Thank you so much for taking requests!

Rajiv’s keynote was brilliant and inspiring. I have some notes to add but the conference just posted the recording (this includes to opening and welcomes , Rajiv’s talk starts at 26:50)


From Wednesday afternoon session, “Breaking boundaries: Unleashing practical subjects through instant video editing technology, blended learning and MOOC development by Frances Odonnell, Maria Ogrady and Mary Reid (Atlantic Technological University, Galway)

Am inspiring project of media rich interactive OER created for culinary arts program, using not professional video (but 2 camera set up), 3 intensive days of filming in culinary arts classroom. All assembled into an interactive H5P (using interactive book content) vast improvement over previous text only print materials.

Free: Fundamentals of Jam and Baking: Jam and Cream Sponge


I was not in that session but it looks like info will be posted to this site set up for the research work he is leading at Brock University

Update from @rajiv in the conference Slack, ISAT2 information is at

Thank Rajiv for me. Enjoy your time at the conference!

Day 2 Keynote by Catherine Cronin and Laura Czerniewicz “Open Education at the Crossroads: The future is not what it used to be”

Slides : OER24 keynote - Cronin & Czerniewicz TO SHARE - Google Slides

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Open Science module with badging

thanks for sharing, Alan… it was a joy to see you here in Ireland! in case anyone is interested, Laura and I just published a blog post that includes participant responses to the two questions we asked during our keynote:
Q1. What do you think of when you hear “open education”?
Q2. What could we, as this community –this conference group– do right now?

link to our post is here:
many thanks, Alan :slight_smile:

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Worth noting and repeating is the word cloud response to Question 1, repeating here

Maybe pause before toggling open to consider what you expect to see?

What do you think of when you hear “open education”?

But more importantly, asking here how we might advance some of the suggested actions, that you nicely grouped into categories.

And yes, I could not resist looking up the uncategorized translation from Dutch “Pannenkoeken bakken” which is an act I can get behind :wink:

More followup here as I spotted in Mastodon a google docs collection of OER24 blogposts curated I believe by Mags Amond (thumb up for old fashioned human curation) spotted first here

(the total looks up to 19)

Also noting the availability of the impressive N-TUTORR project for which its paper was first shared at the conference reception

Transforming the learner experience in the technological university sector through technology and staff/student collaboration, in alignment with sustainable development goals.

And also, in the flurry of so many sessions, I did not catch live the session by @chellreed on Open Education practices in the public library sector, but pinging @peskorm who has been asking elsewhere here about the topic. Michelle pointed to a Library Futures post summarzing the research she presented at OER24 from a survey of (US) public libraries on awareness of Open Education

I am hopeful we can engage more with Michelle on this topic.


Catch-up this week is a bit intense, but let’s connect over email soon to talk next steps about this. Lovely seeing you in person in Ireland!