Do you like liking? A Few More Emoji's For You

We are always trying new things here in OEG Connect. One small but important means for interacting with topics and post is indicating your agreement with the Like button :heart: below every interaction.

By suggestion of my colleague @IslaHF we added the discourse reactions plugin to provide you more than a heart to express a reaction. We can customize which ones are available, I just removed the default yellow ones and introduced a few more.

Just hover over the grey outline heart at the bottom of any post/reply to see what is available:

Do you want more? Different ones?

But use these often, it is a good measure of content that is generating interest here. The best reaction, for Alan, is a constructive reply! But anything counts.

Like on…

@cogdog - I hang out here to see all the cool Discourse stuff OEGlobal implements for ideas to copy over to our instances. Thanks for sharing!