Easy to Set up Open LMS

Hi Everone,
Is there an open LMS that is almost “plug and play”? Thanks for any information. Maria Beebe

Hi Maria,

I moved your question to be its own topic, that is the best way to launch a question like this.

So I infer from your question you are interested in Open Source Learning Management Systems, yes?

A decent listing of this is available in many places, for example

There is no surprise since so many use it, Moodle will be atop most lists.

Rather than starting with tools first, maybe share what is the intended purpose- for courses? What does it need to do? Who will be the person/people to operate/support it?

And for being “plug and play” does that mean easy to set up? or that it takes not much to start using?

Thanks for bringing your question here, I hope others with LMS experience can chime in.

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The intended purpose of the LMS is for courses. It should be easy to toggle between instructor and learner, have a question bank, discussion forum, links to video, e-books, and other learning and teaching resources that open up a new window without downloading it in the platform. It should generate reports for scores and grades. Once it is set up, there will be an LMS administrator. Yes - it is definitely easy to set up and user-friendly from the instructor and learner perspectives. Many thanks for considering my request. The list you sent is helpful.