Empowering Educators & Learners: The Launch of Japan's First OER Cross-Search Service!

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to share Open Education Japan’s upcoming efforts: a comprehensive OER Cross-Search Service specifically catering to the needs of Japanese educators and learners.

Our innovative web system, set to go live soon, aggregates metadata from many OCW content provided by universities throughout Japan. This was made possible by scraping this metadata and storing it within the data repository platform driven by the National Institute for Informatics. With the help of the APIs, we’ve developed the ability to search across this content, offering a unified and streamlined user experience.

It’s worth noting that while there are international services like OER Commons, our service focuses on domestic needs. It’s the first of its kind to focus solely on Japan’s educational resources, potentially transforming how OERs are discovered and utilized here. We believe that by simplifying access to Japanese university resources, we can significantly enhance the utilization of OER and embody the spirit of Open Education more fully.

We’re excited to present a sneak peek of our service through a few screenshots that demonstrate the intuitive interface and capabilities of the service. Stay tuned for the official launch, and thank you for your support in fostering a more open and accessible educational landscape!


@Katsu This is indeed exciting news! Thank you for creating this search engine/service. Now instead of having to search individual university OER websites, which is very time consuming, we have a single place to go that searches all the university websites. This service is definitely going to encourage more educators in Japan that if they publish OER materials, the information will be read and shared by a larger audience. Congratulations, I standby with much anticipation.


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Greetings Katsu and much appreciation for this preview of a search across Japan’s institutions for open educational resources. I agree with @Strable on the value of this for Japanese educators to find OER but also encourage them to share theirs.

We would very much be interested in organized an OE Global Live session once the search engine is public so we can learn from our Open Education Japan colleagues not only how it works, but to appreciate the range of OER from your country. If this is of interests, I will follow up with a message to you so we may perhaps coordinate.

I also noted from seeing descriptions of demos in March listed on the OE Japan web site of what is translated into English as “a game developed by Hokkaido University faculty that uses pattern language and bingo game mechanics to encourage the exchange of ideas” – this sounds very interesting.

Thanks again for sharing this development from OE Japan.