Empowering Students Worldwide with Free and Open Education for Lifelong Learning

Dear OE Global Connect community,

I am thrilled to join this esteemed network and have the opportunity to introduce and share my vision of Free Global Academy—an innovative open-source platform designed to provide free and accessible education to students worldwide. The primary mission is to empower learners of all backgrounds and ages to explore diverse subjects and cultivate a lifelong love for learning.

At Free Global Academy, I believe that education should be freely available to all, transcending geographical and economic barriers. We are in talks to with renowned educational platforms like Khan Academy and high-quality content from YouTube channels to be part of our content library. However, I recognize the importance of expanding our content library and embracing a wide range of perspectives.

I kindly request your suggestions and contributions for additional educational resources beyond Khan Academy and YouTube. We are seeking partnerships with organizations, subject matter experts, educators, and content creators who share our vision of open education. Whether it’s interactive learning materials, engaging videos, informative articles, or insightful podcasts, I am eager to collaborate and integrate valuable resources into our platform.

Your expertise and insights are invaluable to me as we strive to build a vibrant and inclusive community of learners.
Please feel free to share your suggestions, recommended resources, or any other ideas you may have. Your contributions will directly impact the educational journey of countless students around the world.

Thank you for your support and dedication to open education. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Best regards,

Subhransu Sahoo


A kind of very good initiative taken by you. There is several open educational material available like boundless educational, khan academy, wikipedia, great book of the world, infotech biovision. unesco electronic library and many more i have collected all this information at one place so that the student can access very well. Right now the world require to be know about open educational resources. People dont know about much more about this resources.

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Thank you Subhransu for joining OEG Connect and sharing the mission of Free Global Academy. Is there a place to learn more, as my web searches came up only with similar named organizations. Or tell us more how the Free Global Academy will work?

How will people access these resources? What will the do with them? Where is it being used, or will it be used?

This is a very broad request! Can you say more about the form of resources you are looking for? Are they accessed via URL or are you seeking to make copies of content? Can you give examples of the types of materials sought?

Quickly I can think of other collections already engaged in this practice, e.g. (and yes, these are North American focus, there are more worldwide)

A favorite resource I adore is Storyweaver https://storyweaver.org.in/ paging @kundan who is in this community…

And more lists (and lists of lists) possible of open textbook publishers (OpenStax, Pressbooks, LibreTexts), the internet archive, Project Gutenberg.

Of possible interest too, discussed elsewhere here is the Plan E concept shared by @Dickh

I hope we can assist, but more than that, I hope you return to share and contribute to discussions here.