Enjoy a tour of Taipei Medical University!

Although we cannot be there in person, our gracious host offers us a virtual tour of the beautiful Taipei Medical University campus! :star_struck:


That was great. Enjoyed having a walk through of the campus and how fun to end up on the red carpet!

I’d like to congratulate Taipei Medical University on its 60th anniversary. I noticed the banners in the video showing this and expect the flowers are also part of that. I really enjoyed reading the history and going through the timeline showing Taipei Medical University’s evolution - see https://en.tmu60.tw/. What a remarkable history and transformation.

Wish we could be there in person to extend our warm congratulations. Thanks Marian Wan and all your colleagues for being the main host of this years OEGlobal 2020 conference. I hope the events and activities taking place during the conference contribute to the celebration of Taipei Medical University’s 60th anniversary.

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Thanks, @paulstacey for your congratulation.
In Taiwanese culture, 60 means “a full cycle of life.” Thus, TMU had put a lot of efforts to organize its 60th anniversary, including the whole year events. It’s my honored to be able to hold the OEG20 conference. I wish all can enjoy the experience and have fun here or in the cyberspace.


Thank you for showing us your campus!

I wish we were together in person to celebrate the 60th anniversary. Thank you for being great hosts in Taiwan and online.

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Thank you Marian for the tour! This brings back great memories of my visit to Taiwan in 2018. I look forward to returning in-person!


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