Formal degrees and programs in Open Education

Hi all! I am gathering information on existing structured programs that are focused specifically on Open Education. So far I have gathered a few but I’d be interested in knowing if there are more (non-English as well). I am not trying to identify specific courses or MOOCs on Open Education or OER, but more formal, extended offerings, in two broad areas, like the ones below:

Formal degrees (e.g. Specialization/Masters/Doctoral, etc.)

University of Nova Gorica - Leadership in Open Education

L-Università ta’ Malta - Master of Arts in Open and Networked Higher Education

Professional development
Kwantlen Polytechnic University - Professional Program in Open Education

SPARC - Open Education Leadership Program

any links are appreciated!


Great question, Tel, I am confident there are colleagues can contribute. I think too if we can ping someone at GO-GN it should help --hello @RobertFarrow @BeckPitt ?? As well as anyone here from OE4BW are likely aware of such programs (@igorlesko can you help?)

There must be some relevant offerings from the Open University, maybe the Certificate of Higher Education Open where I see modules like one on OER YXM130 “Making Your Learning Count”

Or perhaps check with @Mackiwg for OERu offerings like the Learning in A Digital Age series plus likely other OERu courses not sure if they are organized into a pathway.


The Open Education Network (OEN) from the University of Minnesota also has some professional development programs Programs - Open Education Network

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Under Professional Development, there’s also the Open Education Network’s Certificate in OER Librarianship



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Hi @tamiel
There is this OER PD program from the Council of Australian
University Librarians Open Educational Resources Professional Development Program | CAUL

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We’ve also got the Creative Commons Certificate program, which provides open licensing courses for (1) educators, (2) academic librarians and (3) open culture / GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums).

Also, at the Institutional level, there is AAC&U’s Institute on OER

Interesting thread! Thanks for starting it, @tamiel !

The distinction between Professional Development and formal degrees is quite interesting. It could lead to further work on integrating the two, as was probably done with CCK08 (the original MOOC).

The Slovenian program just popped up in a group about OERs in Quebec (thanks, @Marilou !). Adding this thread to our own discussions, referring to KPU’s presence at OEG22.

From our quick “internal” discussion, it sounds like there might be an opportunity to use bits and pieces of these formal programs to co-design one which might work in Quebec. Maybe it could bridge gaps between PD and formal programs, especially if we set up the right modes for both recognition and credentials (i.e., if we “Keep Badges Weird” @dajbelshaw et al.!).

Personally, I get the sense that even just the work of coming up with shared Learning Objectives could lead us down a fascinating path, whether the program itself ever “hears the light of day”. After all, developing shared objectives is a significant component of the original approaches to Open Pedagogy

Of course, building personas would be part of that exercise. Who’s likely to benefit from such programs, both as learners going through them and as organizations working with the people who’ve developed relevant knowledge and competencies.

What examples could we leverage, in terms of co-design exercises, for both formal programs and PD? Some work has been done in Learning Experience Design (that’s part of what our team was doing with PD, at the Canada School of Public Service). Surely, Connect participants have been involved in similar things in formal education…

Besides, with the number of Instructional Designers and Pedagogical Counsellors in our network, we should be able to come up with appropriate solutions to diverse needs.

As usual with Connect discussions, we can identify neat opportunities for collaborative work!

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