Get Ready for OEGlobal 2023

Just to whet your appetites for the next OEGlobal Conference, October 2023 in Edmonton, enjoy this video from co-host NorQuest College:

As their web sites says, “See You Here”


Hear you then!
Really curious how our colleagues from other continents will feel in AB.

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I am counting on the mountains and big skies as being inspiring!

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You are the best kind of serious and silly.
Love your work.

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I do this every weekend you know… Run around the mountains and sing :slight_smile:


Alex - I have moved back to Alberta. There are many open educators looking forward to sharing the amazing culture and vibrancy Edmonton has to offer.

Verena :slight_smile:

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Oh this is exciting to hear from one province away. I am joyed to hear you will be local for OEG 2023 in Edmonton, but more than that, to maybe help on developing more a regional OE connection.

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Putting the “OpenEd” in “Edmonton”. :wink:

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I actually visited this place last month. The place where this was filmed. Salzburg, Austria! Hopefully OEG 2023 in person! Excited.

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Nice! How did you enjoy Salzburg?

There’s also the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, USA. While it’s very different from the Alps, it does bring back some memories to those of us brought up on Alpine culture.

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Salzburg is very nice :star_struck:and Vienna is simply :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart:

That’s nice to know about the Trapp Family Lodge…

Taking cue from your last sentence and you may blame it on my enthusiasm, but sharing a couple of photographs. These is Lake Bled, Slovenia . I visited Slovenia for OE4BW program and also visited Vienna and Salzburg. :slight_smile:

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