Get Ready for OEGlobal 2023

Just to whet your appetites for the next OEGlobal Conference, October 2023 in Edmonton, enjoy this video from co-host NorQuest College:

As their web sites says, “See You Here”


Hear you then!
Really curious how our colleagues from other continents will feel in AB.

I am counting on the mountains and big skies as being inspiring!

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You are the best kind of serious and silly.
Love your work.

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I do this every weekend you know… Run around the mountains and sing :slight_smile:


Alex - I have moved back to Alberta. There are many open educators looking forward to sharing the amazing culture and vibrancy Edmonton has to offer.

Verena :slight_smile:

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Oh this is exciting to hear from one province away. I am joyed to hear you will be local for OEG 2023 in Edmonton, but more than that, to maybe help on developing more a regional OE connection.

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Putting the “OpenEd” in “Edmonton”. :wink:

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