GIF It Up For Open Education

We likely do not have to explain to anyone what an animated GIF is, correct?

Let’s collect some GIFs that can summarize how we feel about Open Education.

Yes, we can just find and repost ones that exist. That’s great.

But it’s more rewarding to make a new one. The Giphy Create tool allows you to easily create one from selecting a few seconds from an existing YouTube video OR you can use an existing GIF and add a new caption.

Here’s an example of the latter, just adding a new caption to an existing GIF.

Or, taking a clip from a scene in The Godfather

For a guide to making one from a video clip, here is one I made for a media class - the examples are more related to the course theme, but the method works for any video clip.

Got GIF about Open Education? Made one? Found one? Reply below

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Ok, so is anyone going to pick up the GIF challenge? I just heard @Jenni mention them in her workshop. Okay, here’s a new one.

Do licenses really tie the openness room together?

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