Ingredients Wanted for the Iron Chef OER Mix Off (plus More to do in Convo and Collab)

The Conversations and Collaborations (“Convo and Collab”) area is a place to participate in and create your own asynchronous activities, discussions, calls for meetups during the OE Global 2020.

One example we created to seed the area is…

Led by chef @paulstacey the OER Mixoff now seeks some ingredients we can put into the challenge.

Wikimedia Commons image CC BY-SA

If you have OER to share, we seek images, audio, video, text, provide to contestants. These OER should be granular and remixable – an open textbook is a bit too large to fit into a soup pot, but a paragraph or two would be ideal.

Reply below with link to sharable OER ingredients that would make for an interesting mix and also include the license you are sharing them under.

And we hope you play along with us in the Iron Chef OER Mixup topic. There will be a new challenge on the Tuesday and Thursday of the conference, just reply with what you cooked with the ingredients. Everyone is invited to be a judge, use your like buttons to vote.

More to Do in Convo and Collab- Make Your Own

More is waiting for you in Convo and Collab. There is now a call for Open Music Collaboration, create or share an animated GIF about Open Education, volunteers to offer answers to I am an Open Educator. Ask Me Anything, and more food themed sharing of your favorite (real) recipes.

This is also open to any conference participant to put out a call to respond to a topic or meetup. We already have topics launched by @PerrineCoet for French speaking and another by @marcela for Spanish speaking open educators. @kmishmael is seeking to meet K12 Primary and Secondary open educators. And @chrissinerantzi is looking for participants and discussion about her Open Education picture book project.

Check in often to the Convo and Collab space– find an activity to do, reply to the conversations, and start your own topic.