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Hello all K-12/Primary & Secondary open educators,

My name is Kristina Ishmael and this is the first conference I am attending as the new Director of Primary & Secondary Education on the OE Global team. It’s a pleasure to have you all here and I’m looking forward to the sessions and conversations.

I would LOVE to host two meetups during conference this year so global K-12/Primary & Secondary educators can meet each other. I will be looking for time on the Convo & Collab days to find a time that allows as many people to join as possible. More info soon!

Until then, please say hello with a reply. Introduce yourself, where you are in the world, and what your role within K-12/Primary & Secondary education is.



All attendees interested in meeting up to talk about Open Education in K-12/Primary & Secondary are invited to join me for two synchronous sessions next week. I hope one of these works in your schedule!



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Hi all!

This is an exciting and greatly needed group for collaboration and conversation. I am a teacher educator in New York City in the United States. Most of the teacher candidates I work with are in-service teachers who have not idea that OER exists! I’m working to change that in my coursework, but it’s a long process with teachers who are struggling to keep afloat with all of the new tools in remote teaching and learning. I’d love to learn more about how K-12 educators around the world are using OER and getting buy-in from other K-12 educators!

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I am a recently retired K-12 Librarian and English teacher from Eagle Butte, South Dakota, USA. I am currently working with Julie Erickson from Technology in Education in Rapid City, South Dakota on an IMLS Grant entitled “Reaching Out: Meeting the Needs of Rural School Librarians.” The cohort consists of 39 school librarians from South Dakota, North Dakota and Wyoming. We’ll be talking more about this and OER integration in our session on Thursday. I am looking forward to learning more to help all educators move ahead with OER.

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@JoanUpell. It’s nice to meet you, Joan! I submitted a proposal for an IMLS Grant entitled, “Developing Collaborative Professional Learning Experiences in OER Curriculum Development” with Stacy Katz, the OER Librarian at my institution and folks from the NYC Department of Education and across the City University of New York. I’m definitely excited to learn more about your project and pro tips you may have for getting our project accepted and off the ground. =)


Hi Jennifer,
Nice to meet you too! Please take a look at http://tie.net/library for more info on our project. Our focus has been technology with OER integration as an ongoing thread through all of our work. We are centering our experiences on OER Commons and we also found that few of our cohort members had knowledge of OER when we began. TIE has grant writers that actually submitted our proposal but we consulted with them in the planning, etc. We are in year three of the three year grant.

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Hello Kristina and all the colleges here. I’m interested in Primary teachers. My area is handwriting and I’m sharing with them open materials from the University in Spanish and Basque. I’ll follow the presenation on Wednesday.

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Hello Kristina and others interested in K-12 (primary & secondary) education. I am an Associate Professor at Athabasca University (Canada) and I study and teach about OER and open pedagogy. I have had several small grants to nurture OER awareness and readiness in K-12 teachers - as far as I can tell, we have lots to learn about how to support OER and openness in education for in-service and pre-service teachers, and the administrators (right to the top levels of government) about the benefits and cautions of OER and open pedagogy. I have a website where I share out my OER for teacher education and the podcasts and videos about OER awareness are openly licensed. (http://bolt.athabascau.ca/index.php/oer/multiply-k-12-alberta-oer-project/). There are also further resources that you might find interesting located here: http://bolt.athabascau.ca/index.php/oer-projects/teacher-as-student/. I hoe to catch up with you in the synchronous meetup!

As a Director of Open Education Global, I am wanting to know your perspectives about how OEG can grow and support a K-12 OER/OEP network. Please add your ideas here or bring them to the synchronous session!


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Hello Everyone,

I am a Teacher Educator from India. It Feels great to collaborate with fellow researchers and mentors in OER and School Education.

Hello @connieb,
I am Teacher Educator and Dean at Faculty of Education at Manav Rachna University (India). Completely in agreement with your findings as they resonate with my research findings also presented at OE global. It would be great to collaborate,

Dr Babita Parashar OE Global Connect 2020.pdf (1.5 MB)


Hello Connie
I appreciate the ideas that you have shared. I am quite new to open education and OER so much of this conference has been a road to enlightenment.
I grew up in Fort St John, BC but have spent the past 20 years in East Africa, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia working with NGOs and church organizations setting up and managing schools.
I now own and operate a private international school in Uganda. However I am also working with the local district education officer to see how we can build a better educational model for K-12 students.
I am a bit stressed today - we had to close our school due to political unrest. Eight people have been killed and the rioting is still ongoing. I will follow up on the websites you have shared when things cool down. My email is bko@ucan.co.ug
Wishing you a good day.