Gratitude to those behind the scenes

Happy OE Week 2024, everyone!

I am thinking about Open Education (resources, practices, pedagogies and policies) as part of a lively ecosystem. It is easy to imagine that I see only a very small portion of all the efforts that contribute to its visible results, and many activities happen with no one seeing them. Still, every single one is critically important for the final, still temporary, outcome, ready to be transformed into something new, something else.

Today I want to celebrate with the global community all the efforts of people behind the scenes to contribute to open educational resources and enact open educational practices without a stage to be recognised.

I have wonderful colleagues in Politecnico di Milano who rarely participate in public events or write on platforms like this. Still, without them, most of our contributions wouldn’t be shared or wouldn’t be as good as they are: video editors, platform experts, graphic designers, software developers. But also administrative staff who, like acrobats, help track funding and manage them effectively.

The same happens with many librarians who serve the HE community at the local level, around Europe, where I am located, and far beyond the region, answering patiently and doing their best to find fit-to-purpose resources with an eye on opening any chance they have.

I am almost sure each one of you has people around who often silently but relentlessly continue to contribute and help opening education.

I am personally grateful to those I know directly and those who will stay behind the scenes with the many people I am not in direct contact with: without your technical, creative, inspirational contribution and your attitude to problem-solving, respecting the priorities of open, is exemplary; you offer opportunities to learn daily.

I am preparing for all the activities and opportunities this week offers us. I am happy to picture my attitude using a photo I took in one of my favourite spots, high in the Alps (close to Rifugio Mezzalama, 3036 mt), where the spirit uplifts beyond the clouds, the effort taken to reach that point gratifies you with this marvellous view, and the sun warms you up while you look around and feel small surrounded by greatness. Being there in the company of friends who put their efforts into climbing together makes it even more fulfilling.

This is OE week, we are here together. Let’s breathe. And smile :slight_smile:


Graci, Paola! Questo è un messaggio magnifico e monumentale di gratitudine che tutti dovremmo adottare.

Thank you so much Paola for this mountain peak worthy gesture. I have been musing interest in adding to the annual major program of issuing our big awards to generating a regular call (and response) for ongoing gestures of appreciation for the people you describe here.

I urge those reading this message to watch for tomorrow’s live stream with @paola and @chrissinerantzi when they share how places like this photo can be metaphors for our open educational landscape.

Tune in 2024-03-05T14:00:00Z for Higher Education for Good Chapter Conversation with Paola Corti and Chrissi Nerantzi by watching live at

See you up there!