H5P Across Canada (and heck the globe too)

I remain a strong attraction to the presence of all Rs and the realized OER potential in the H5P activity building toolset. I recently was asked a pretty much impossible task, to give a summary of the landscape of use across Canada.

Oh, I had a week to do this. Read a quick summary

but since the map is more holes than not, the information is available in en editable doc, so for any Canadian H5P fans out there, please add any relevant information.

But yes, we are OE Global and we have seen over the years peaks of interest in response to H5P topics here in OEG Connect h5p

So I will ring the bell again and see if there is any interest in some ongoing ?? conversations? collaboration? technique sharing? example sharing for those here who are using H5P for adding interactive practice to their OER content.

Any hand raises for an OEGlobal H5P ?? club? Working group? network??


A good friend and colleague Kyle Mackie just shared an interesting proof of concept weaving ChatGPT generating prompts into a Google slide deck that is embedded in an H5P Interactive Book.

Or just go directly to try it, house in the always amazing eCampusOntario H5P Studio.

I’ve used and am very interested in H5P, but always have concerns about accessibility and the limitations this puts on the tool.

I absolutely agree that consideration of accessibility is important. What limitations have you come across in your use/

I’d say it’s less about talking about H5P as a whole because it’s a container of 50+ content types that span a range of compliance. It means we ought to be aware of the differences, e.g. the updated list from H5P.

Also worth acknowleding the extensive effort of Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) in researching and speaking out in the details of accessibility compliance (go community colleges!).

Accessibility is part what the tool does or does not do and what we are able to address in design of activities (e.g. that some of the content types may need work arounds).

There’s a useful guide as well from LibreTexts H5P Accessibility Guide | LibreStudio.

Finally from the work done with BCCampus was recognition of the aspects of accessibility that arise for print materials. Yes Pressbooks does publish a printed URL as a replacement, but in a number of situations, network connections are not always available.

I guess, I am late in answering this but yes, I am all up for a club for H5P. I just love the tool but sadly it is becoming ‘premium’, if can say that.

Yes, you can say that… I have seen that Lumi is putting up $ signs.

I will start something up soon, great to hear from you.