H5P appears in both MERLOT and a Catalogue in India

I’m a big fan of the H5P platform and once it’s OER Hub reaches the 100% point it should be a key example and location for OER use, reuse, remix.

My radar just spotted a new MERLOT-SkillsCommons H5P Initiative and from there the start of a new collection of H5P resources.

And just my exploring, I came across this H5P Catalogue for educators in India to create, share, and reuse H5P content.

Who else is interested in H5P? My own work is grounded from support the BCcampus H5P Kitchen project, and I can share my use of an H5P Branching scenario to present about it.

A discovery about this is that this H5P Accordion published at that site used to share resources, when embedded like below, almost acts like wiki transclusion– when I update the source H5P, all embedded versions are immediately updated.

Well, I think that’s neat…


H5P Templates for free and examples by Justwrite.in and H5P Content types in periodic table style

Hello Sushumna, thanks for sharing the templates and a periodic table version of the tool selector, anything to help teachers find what a tool can do is helpful-- is that interactive? I kept clicking it.

I am mainly excited to see a growing interesting in H5P

Yes, it is as the link says " Click on Click H5P Content types to see image in action."

Oi, I feel silly. Thanks. Looking forward to your session at OERcamp.

Last week I decided to give a try to #H5P and try with some resources. Initially, I thought that I would invest just a few minutes, but suddenly I spent 5 hours on the H5P platform.

Great initiative!

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Yes it is! There are many educators here with experience/interest.

At Learning Equality, we’re committed to 100% support of H5P materials on our Kolibri platform, since they really improve learner interactions with resources.

That’s great to hear, Vahid and H5P makes much sense for Kolibri content… so it works well for the off-network instances? I would expect so since it’s just standalone web content (and tools like Lumi work without a connection).

We’ve been hearing more interest in H5P, curious to know how we can connect more folks together. Are you seeing some compelling examples?

As an example, we’re working on importing Amal Alliance’s Colors of Kindness, a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum which is openly licensed and was published using H5P (with great visuals).

Oh, thanks, Vahid! that’s excellent use of the Interactive Book content type for the mix of audio and imagery. Plus having versions in multiple languages. The rationale in the introduction says so much about where openness matters even more now.

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