How Do I Know I Have Access to the Conference Features?

The OE Global 2020 Conference is taking place inside the community space of OEG Connect. All of the conference sessions and the conversations are open for the world to view, but access to the live sessions and the ability to reply/post new topics is limited to registered participants.

If you are registered for the conference, you will be emailed in mid to late October a special link that (a) creates your Connect account and (b) adds you to the special conference group that provides full access.

Some participants may have created a Connect account earlier or used the general sign up button. This is not sufficient to fully participate in the conference!

First, make sure you are logged in to OEG Connect (there is no login button in the top right, instead you see an icon representing you)

How can you determine if you have conference access?

We have two methods!

  1. Go to the Conference Attendees Directory Search for your Connect username or email address. If you find yourself, then you have conference access.

  2. Go to the Conference Program If you see a Save button on the session entries, then you have conference access. These buttons allow you to add sessions to you own conference calendar.

But I Registered for the Conference and I Do Not Have Access!

We can easily confirm this and enable access. Please click @Help team and use the Message button to tell us or email us