I like to say Hi

I am Wisal Alim from Sudan. I work as an assistant professor at the University of Bahri in the College of Community Studies and Rural Development. I hope to be an active member


Welcome! I am happy to connect with you. This is Dr Munir. I cordially invite you to join Global Forum for Teacher Educators and also fill membership form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfjLjnuVMv6Gc3sL4KWiAAtbvs9Rvg1zCDPV535F1k8SVXhBQ/viewform

Welcome here, Wisal. I believe we exchanged emails about membership last year. I am pleased you joined here and are saying hello.

Can you share more about University of Bahri or the classes you teach? What does the idea of “open education” mean there? What are you interested in learning from or contributing to this global community?

Thanks and welcome again, from Alan at OEGlobal

Welcome to OEG Connect, Dr Munir and for sharing the Global Forum for Teacher Educators. It’s an honor to have you. The recent international symposium you organized is the kind of event we hope to see shared here.

I enjoyed reading the wide range of projects and publications in your web site link. I cannot help and be curious about the mention of the first OER book published 2019 in Pakistan. What was the inspiration for doing this? Is the book available? What was the impact?

I remain curious always of the stories and people behind projects.

Welcome again to your global community from this one,

Alan at OEGlobal

University of Bahr is a Sudanese University , established with the aim
of addressing the situation of northern Sudanese students who were
studying in the universities of southern Sudan before its separation
from Sudan.

The university also aims to bridge the gap in
higher education opportunities that resulted from the transfer of southern
universities to their headquarters in the state of South Sudan.

The University of Bahri was
established in the year (2011) To solve the problem of academic and
administrative staff and northern students. After separation. The university
consists of (17) colleges, theoretical and applied colleges.

Any questions about the

university, I am ready to answer

Thank you for your care>

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