Infographic: Great Copyright Divide

Spotted in the CCCOER email group…

Educators Michaela Willi Hooper and Lauren Antrosiglio created a map that represents public domain, all rights reserved, and Creative Commons as geographic regions:

A map called the Great Copyright Divide shows a vast ocean of public domain, where a small paper boat is sailing on calm waters. Materials under public domain are pre-1925, US federal government creations, or have a CC0 public domain dedication. Across a chasm from the ocean is the Forest of All Rights Reserved Copyright, and below that the Creative Commons meadow. The Creative Commons meadow has a sign that says community rules: give attribution, understand the rules of sharealike, no derivatives, and non-commercial licenses before you rely on them. The Forest of All Rights Reserved has a sign that says Avoid danger! Get permission, use a license, follow fair use


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