It's [Almost] Back, the OER World Map

Thanks to one of out super sources, we caught word that the OER World Map is now online, though as noted it is in preview but not yet fully operational. You can keep an eye on it to hopefully soon have restored the global organization of not just OER, but policy, organizations, and more.

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From the About page

The OER World Map has been collecting and illustrating data on the growing number of actors and activities in the field of open education worldwide since 2014. Its aim is to support the development of the OER ecosystem by showing the most comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the OER movement possible.

The OER World Map records and shows relevant people, projects and organizations, services and tools, as well as events and policies. The information presented can be used for a variety of purposes, for example to:

  • provide qualified lists of repositories and other OER services and tools to help teachers and learners find and create suitable educational materials;
  • connect different actors to facilitate collaboration and share knowledge and resources;
  • support decision-makers in making and representing strategic decisions through meaningful statistics and overviews of the OER movement and its impact.

The OER World Map provides information for the self-organized development of the OER movement. As a whole, the OER World Map can be seen as a kind of “monitoring tool” for the Open Education community.

I am very excited to see this- the OER World Map was a key resource for many years-- see a 2019 snapshot in the Internet Archive and also a winner of a 2018 OE Award for Excellence in Open Innovation

The original OER World map was developed by North-Rhine-Westphalia Library Service Centre (hbz) and graphthinking GmbH in cooperation with the Open University (UK). The new version is being developed by OERinfo and Intevation GmbH in cooperation with UNESCO OER Dynamic Coalition.

I am hopeful we can organize with our colleagues at OERinfo for a demo soon as a OEG Live webcast, maybe part of an open discussion of the state of OER repositories.

But for now, let’s hear some excitement to get a glimpse of the OER World Map making a return to the world.


I just noticed in the FAQ the capability to add a “lighthouse” – which seems a means to note resources on the map that support the OER Recommendation (?)

The Ljubljana Action Plan highlights the need to identify models of good practice, which have proven to be sustainable ways to organize production, sharing and use of OER. We believe that learning from experiences made in other countries will be key for fast global mainstreaming of OER, so please consider setting some lighthouses.

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heart Iwona Gniadek reacted to your message:

YES the OER World Map is back online. And YES we would love to talk! We are not fully functional yet, but you can browse, enter and collect Data again. Whats coming back soon are the daily statistics. The OER World Map is also coming back on social media soon.

By the way, I am Susanne from OERinfo. Sorry for the late replay. Our current goal with the wOERldmap is to check and improve input forms on their stringency. There might be some downtime due to further structional work. We, that are Sebastian and Bernhard from Intevation, IT Spezialist Shahla and student assistent Nora from OERinfo, Jan Neumann and I.

Nora is currently collecting entries on the OE Awards of the past two years. OE Awards were collected on the OER World Map since the beginning. So we thought, what a wonderfull means to start bridging the gap.

An OEG Live webcast sounds like a greate idea. lets talk!

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Hi, Susanne! This is most exciting to hear, and I will be in touch very soon. And we can certainly help with your data collection for the awards, especially if you have the collection back to the early years.

I’ll be in your inbox soon :wink:

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heart Iwona Gniadek reacted to your message:

This is amazing! I will show this as an example to our faculty about the global existence of OER. I am so glad it is still being updated.

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Hello @SusanneGrimm !!

We can also help you with the OEWeek archives for OER and open assets that have been contributed since OEWeek began. Let us know how we can help!!

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Hi @IslaHF ,

I am so happy for this plattform, since so many possibilities are opening up.

We shure would wish to integrate this data. In which format could you provid data on OEWeek? Json would be perfect to transfer data automatically into the OER World Map, but we take any other format and will do our best, to make it hapen.

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Hi Susanne,

Look for something is your inbox! We can certainly provide this data at least in CSV, but very likely JSON too, right from our database,

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