Keep Adventuring! Share Examples of Open Pedagogy Projects?

In these parts of the world summer is fading, but the open pedagogy adventure need not stop.

This likely happened in different places, and in perfect vision hindsight we should have set this topic out earlier, but it in addition to the resources already shared would be wonderful to keep sharing specific examples of open pedagogy projects.

As starters we have mentioned somewhere before (but worth highlighting again) the examples collected in the Open Pedagogy Notebook

And there are many more examples that are part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Open Pedagogy Fellowships led by our friends at Montgomery Community College (listen to our podcast conversation with Shinta Hernandez and Michael Mills)

And one recently shared in twitter about a great project at Linn-Benton Community College

These are just a few, what are your best examples to demonstrate what Open Pedagogy projects can produce?