Kids at OEGlobal?

Hi everyone,
I am wondering if anyone else is bringing their kids to Edmonton? My childcare fell through so I am looking for alternatives. Maybe you are bringing an older child that would be up for making some money looking after other kids? I have three daughters: 10, 8, and 5. Any ideas are welcome! Thanks in advance!

I fondly remember the days of the fantastic Northern Voices conference in Vancouver, where childcare was a built in feature. I will ping our conference organizers.

And if anyone has not met Terry’s kids, they are awesome. Hattie was at OEGlobal 19

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Hattie loved Italy even though she didn’t show it lol! Thanks Alan! I would happily just bring them along if that was deemed cool by the powers that be. Have some other irons in the fire, too!

Perfect @cogdog, added this to the agenda of today’s call.

@greeneterry wow, your kids are almost the same age as mine (6, 8, 11) – wish I could bring them along! :smile: – And as another coincidence, I also took Olivia to a conference in Italy (DjangoCon has childcare as a built-in feature) – we had such a good time of bonding and exploring a new city!

What better way to remember our true purpose than by having kids at this education conference? :innocent:

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aww that is a great pic! The girls are really looking forward to the trip

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And apparently they are making an appearance at the conference!

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