Know About OE Week

Look in this area for information about Open Education Week and also to ask questions about how it works. Share also your experiences in previous years so other people can know what to expect or why they should participate.

What is Open Education Week?


An annual celebration, Open Education Week (OEW) is an opportunity for actively sharing and learning about the latest achievements in Open Education worldwide.

This is distributed series of activities organized by groups, institutions, and individuals around the world, including (but not limited to):

  • Live Events such as Online discussions / live chats, webinars, live broadcasts / drop-in sessions, Live Q&A, hackathons, or workshops. When submitted to OE Week, these are added to the world wide schedule

  • Asynchronous activities Design activities that people can do anytime with ideally a means to post their responses, examples, creations, etc. These might include a remixing challenge around your preferred topic, identifying a problem or challenge that the global peer community could help in solving, sharing a playlist of open podcasts and presentations, starting a Pen Pal program and sending postcards/messages to students in other states/countries, submitting media to Wikimedia Commons, or leading a collaborative creative writing project on a trending topic. You can even use OEG Connect as a place to host your activity.

  • Open Assets you can also contribute during Open Education Week by adding your favorite open assets to the Open Education Week Library.

  • Participate here in OEG Connect If you participated in any kind of Open Education Week activity or event, share your highlights and reflections here in OEG Connect. You can post a new topic or respond to others in the Share OE Week area. And if you want, you can create a topic here in Connect to post an asynchronous activity, invite others to participate, and submit that as your entry for Open Education Week.

Do you need help brainstorming an idea? Just post a reply to this message.

Visit the Open Education Week Site

Visit the main site for everything you need to know about OEW. During the week of March 1, 2021 you will find there a continually updated display of upcoming events and activities.

The main information areas include:

If you have any questions about how OEW works, how to submit an activity for 2021, or anything else about participating, this is the place to ask.

Icon image: Info by Mon Aguilar from the Noun Project licenced CC-BY