Let`s give some photos to the world!

Hi, everyone! @cogdog has an amazing idea and we both want you all to share this enthusiasm :heavy_heart_exclamation: The idea is to upload photos (the meals from all the round the world, but not only!) to Wikimedia Commons - a collection of freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute. Its very easy: you have to create an account (the same you can use also on Wikipedia and Wikidata!) and simply upload (blue button and written text on it) a picture, giving it free license (preferably Creative Commons 4.0). You will be guided by the system from one step to another. When there is blank space for categories, just start writing in English for example: Meals in.... and the system will propose options. I also created a special category for us, so please add this, too: Media provided by Open Education Global Conference participants. If you forget, dont worry, we can add this later, but please write your nickname in this thread, so I could check users contribution. I will post some instructional videos in the next posts. Remember: you must be the Author of the photo, there cant be watermark or other additional marks/frames and so on the photo.
Next step- you can illustrate articles in Wikipedia with this photos! (yes, I have just told you the big mystery: all photos in Wikipedia are from Wikimedia Commons :books: :star_struck:)


I couldn`t linked properly the category above, so here is the link, where our photos will be seen besides typical categories (Meals in Spain, Nature in Cape Town and so on): https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Media_provided_by_Open_Education_Global_Conference_participants

For your inspiration check it out: some photos uploaded in Wiki Love Monuments contest (e.g. 2019 edition), Wiki Science Competition, Wiki Loves Love (2019), Wiki Loves Earth.

And my last post: some instructional materials, if you want to know more. (And try with one photo for the start, letting system guide you!)
FAQ- https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:FAQ
How to upload a picture byWikimedian in Residence University of Edinburgh- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMBeODoSZlE

Okay I added 8 new photos to Wikimedia Commons. As Klara suggested I logged in at https://commons.wikimedia.org/ (I have an infrequently used Wikipedia account that still works), and clicked the blue upload button.

They made it easy for me, because there is a direct way to add photos I already have uploaded (license CC0) to flickr. So I could just use my flickr URLs to add.

As suggested I included the category “Media provided by Open Education Global Conference participants

My newly added photos include:

and a few more. With the category suggested by Klara, all our photos are available at one link..

That makes 8 photos there-- can we get to 1000 in a week?

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Hi, excellent! Thank you! May I have a small suggestion? It`s better to give the files more specific names. It is important, if we want to search engine to find our file, when somebody is looking for sth. For example: not Ain’t I Elegant?.jpg, but: "boar in the winter’, and then in the description section is also good to clarify what is on the picture besides additional text. You can change the name of the file by using Move button above- then you can see:

I will move some files if this is OK with you. I will also add categories. Thank you, for choosing ‘our’ category here! And of cource Taco e.g. is correctly named :slight_smile:

Yes, that was a factor of me rushing to migrate photos from flickr, where the titles and captions are more personal. It’s a good lesson to consider how the photos will be used.

Also, technically, the animal is not a boar (though it looks like one)! It is in the deer family :wink: It is a Javelina I had trouble finding a category for this, Wikipedia has an entry but I could not find a category for Peccary

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :hushed:butt…it looks like boar (‘dzik’ in Polish) haha. OK-I am sorry, so I will change it ( I hope so)

hey! I uploaded my first wikimedia image.

Used @cogdog advice to upload images from flickr.

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Well done, Mario, one more on the board.

Well done and thank you! @Mario

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